Internist, cardiologist and sports medicine specialist

Prof. Nixdorff has been actively involved in clinical research of echocardiographic techniques in the context of chronic coronary syndrome, in addition to his internal cardiology residency training. In addition to chronic studies of the long-term course of myocardial infarction, he was involved in the development of stress echocardiography and tissue Doppler echocardiography in the 1990s, which was included in his post-doctoral thesis at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. During his time as a senior physician at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU), this research was placed in the broader context of other imaging methods such as magnetic resonance and computer tomography. In the course of this work, an interest in early detection arose, which took its place in preventive medicine. Clinical algorithms were consistently established, which Nixdorff applies in practice and in the European Prevention Center (EPC), which he founded. This serves the benefit of his patients beyond cardiological diagnostics and therapy in the prevention of disease.


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Voluntary association activities

Senate of Commerce: senator, member of the Health Care Commission.

Prof. Nixdorff has been appointed as a Senator to the Senate of the Economy since 12/2022, advising policy makers on sustainability issues in particular. He is actively involved as a member of the Health Commission.

Bundesverband der Mittelständischen Wirtschaft (BVMW): Chairman of the Expert Council on Health Care

Prof. Nixdorff has been a member of the BVMW since 2018, at that time in coordination with the president, Prof. Ohoven (+). The association represents the interests of the German Mittelstand, which is organized here to approx. 40% (total turnover of members approx. EUR 250 billion). Initially as a member of the Health Commission, he has been elected to the newly established Expert Council on Health as Chairman.

Forum Gesundheitswirtschaft Düsseldorf (med+): Member of the Board of Directors

Prof. Nixdorff has been a member of med+, which promotes innovations in the healthcare industry in the Düsseldorf area, the location of the EPC, for about 10 years. Among other things, start-up competitions are held in the e-health sector. Nixdorff was elected to the board in 2021.

Health Captain Club: Captain

Prof. Nixdorff has joined this network of innovative medicine, medical technology and market as Captain, anticipating the future of medicine.

Society for Prevention (GPeV)

Prof. Nixdorff has been a member of the GPeV Scientific Advisory Board for around 10 years, which is committed to the population-based implementation of preventive medical content in the various living environments. It actively engages in discourse with relevant stakeholders from society and local authorities, business, sport, education and politics; in particular at the annual Petersberg Prevention Talks.


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